Welcome to Protean Art !!

Hi, I'm Brian; welcome to my Art site...
Showcasing all my original work in Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop.
Check out my Digital Art galleries. (ok, so you don't think it's Art; anyway..)

I have also worked on several Sonique Skins check them out ..

This site is an under development project, so watch out for more stuff. 

Inspired by EndEffect.com, DeviantArt.com, PankPages.com & Mercution.
(well; these are the sites I got the design ideas from)

I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions, on my site, art or otherwise.
Email: brianv@phreaker.net
Personal Page: http://brianvictor.8m.com
Deviant: http://infernalproteus.deviantart.com

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