Recent Art
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This is a collection of my new work, all with Photoshop 6.0.

Just some practice with Displacement maps that turned out into something quite nice !!

Image Size: 800x600

File Size: 86kB

I decided to make a more complete version of the above picture.. "RarEarth". It's derived from an actual space shot of earth.

Image Size: 1024x768

File Size: 185kB

In the same vein as the above picture but this time with stars all over the place.  I guess I was just bored.

Image Size: 1024x768

File Size: 304kB

Womanoid !!
Denise Richards mirrored several times; actually.
This was a big disappointment, didn't turn out how I wanted at all...

Image Size: 1024x768

File Size: 126kB

Featuring Aishwaria Rai. 
Actually, I didn't intend putting her picture in there, but I felt it looked good. Received a lot of flak for this one ;-> But I like it anyway..

Image Size: 1024x768

File Size: 183kB
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