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(Version 1)

- becuase a few pictures are missing...

Sweetheart, when I get the time I'm going to complete this with all the other pictures. I took these yesterday evening - not as easy as I expected. But worth it, I think :)
Hope you like it - and don't share this page (duh) - but save the link for yourself.
All images enlarge when clicked - quite big (and I have even larger versions on my machine).

My bike - now where would we have ever gone without her, eh? Good ol' RD 350 still brings back a lot of memories. Remember the first time, at Inox - when she wouldn't start after the movie? And that was 11pm and I had to take you back to Khadki. One idea that floated in my head was that I had to take you home to sleep over becuase there was no other
And that time at Khadki, where we stuck a battery terminal with scotch tape and the cops asking about the bike :) Lucky to have made the journey back home without incident.
Notice how she never gave any trouble after I officially asked you to be my Girlfriend - at least, not when you were with me. Maybe she's a lesbian ;)... or maybe she's a he :O

And lets not forget my identifying Orange helmet...

The first actual dinner date - at Arthur's Theme, Koregaon Park. Thats the table we sat at. Can't remember what we talked about - maybe that was the first time you told me you don't like mushrooms :). We didn't try the "Cecilian Delight" though. On chat the next day - you told me that I looked "edible". I just remembered what T shirt I was wearing (the Pink one) - must carry that with me...

We never did go to Arthur's Theme again, the next time we went to Burger King! And quite a few times after that to Burger Barn.
I remember it was raining once - and we had to shift inside, and another time when we had a candle lit meal there becuase there was no current.

Can you place this? The first is the spooky house on the road to the Osho Gardens (on the right of the road). And the second is the actual road.
We went after Arthur's Theme? or was it after Barista? Late one night - of course, you will never forget that damned Snake episode where I got "scared".
For the last time, I DID NOT GET SCARED; and we shall never speak of this again. lol.
Too bad I couldn't get a picture of where we sat - I don't think the watchme would allow me.

The number of times we went to Barista; they should have known us by face (and also how to spell Brian).
We've had all kinds of time over there. Good ones and very bad ones too (more bad than good, I think). You even told me you might become a Nun over there, remember? (that was when you gave me the 'B' keychain).
The first time we went there was at the beginning, when we asked that idiot on one of those Osho roads where "Barista" was. I don't remember if we went there that night afterall...

I think we've seen more than 20 movies at Inox together? Slightly expensive - but definitely worth it, iykwimaityd (I had almost forgotten).
The first time, I couldn't start my bike to take you back, a little later Allan saw us (bloody shit!)
Once we were there for Passion of Christ with SFC and I saw Spiderman the second time with you after our first major fight - I can't even remember what it was about!?

Just remember waiting for infinite amounts of time for you to come down from the office, after I logged off at my office and told you I'd be there in 7 minutes :)
Also remember enjoying watching you (sometime shyly, I think) each second as you walked from the interior to the gate...gooood memories. (Hint: Get back to 60+ Kg you!)

Well, well. I think COT would pull a higher number of visits than Barista? Plus it was a lot more fun sometimes ;) (though we didn't do anything until you saw that other couple...damn, you should have seen them before!)
Also notice that the top half is not visible at all from outside ;)
COT would be again, one stop for discussion (good and bad) and making up - or a quick pick up meal...

The last picture should give you a good clue as to where these pictures are from. Looking for the right spot ;)
How many times did we eat Ruffles over there? Then once we saw Lorraine walk by with her parents...
And then recently we stopped - after we heard about the cops :(. But good memories nevertheless.

Late pick up meals - mostly for you ;). Not worth the money and the waiting time.

How many times here? Just 2? Maybe I should have got a shot from the parking lot - just to see what others could have seen ;)

More to come...

11th April 2005, 0227hrs